ISO Code:  LCCT 000033400

Integrated Leasing Corp.

600 Sylvan Avenue 3rd Floor

Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Phone:            201-568-1881

Fax:                201-568-0166






_________      The equipment has been installed, it is in working order, and I have been trained on

(Initial  here)         how to use it.


_________      I understand that the lease I signed is NON-CANCELLABLE  for  _______ months

(Initial  here)         at a basic monthly payment of $__________ (excluding tax and insurance) for which Integrated Leasing Corp (Lessor) has been authorized to debit my business checking account.


_________      This lease is a binding agreement between the Lessee (undersigned below) and

(Initial  here)         Integrated Leasing Corp (Lessor). I understand that the salesperson(s) or supplier is NOT an agent of Integrated Leasing Corp (Lessor) and does not have the authority to waive or alter any terms or conditions of the lease.


_________      I understand that the warranty of the equipment is the responsibility of the manufacturer

(Initial  here)         salesperson(s),  or supplier, not Integrated Leasing Corp (Lessor).


_________      I have read and agree to all terms and conditions of the Lease Agreement, and have not

(Initial  here)         relied on any representations of any salesperson(s) or supplier.



_________________________________________________                      __________________

Business Name                                                                                               County


X________________________________________________                    __________________

Principal Owner/Authorized signer signature                                             Social Security #                                                                                                                                    (last four digits)


Printed Name/Title/Date                                                                              ______________________


__C. Taylor________________________________________

Printed name and signature of witness                                                               



Equipment Description:                                                        Serial #:


____________________________________                        __________________________________

____________________________________                        __________________________________


Note:  Acceptance of the above conditions validates the Lease Agreement