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 E-commerce is not that much different from retail. It's getting a good selection of products, competitive pricing and great service all in one place at one time. Probably most important is having great customer service. But your reading this to get hits, so upward and onward.

 Paramount is getting your name in front of enough people, gaining trust, respect and market share. To gain that market share and develop a respectable site in the eyes of the search engines ultimately results in getting your name in front of on-line buyers. A well developed site is a must and that includes not only being listed, but fast loading and being well organized for ease of use. If in doubt add more customer service. I should add, trade shows, off line ads, such as post cards, catalogs, Newspaper, TV and radio are good marketing materials as well. Get listed on the first page of the search engines and drive clientele to your site.

 The information and resources provided here are intended to educate and assist you in developing a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to effectively and affordably generate revenue from your online business and drive customers to your site. I've counted Chuck Taylor on the first page of the top eight search engines all in one day and thought I should pass along some of the best resources available to you online. I'd like to see your site reach it's full potential and enjoy a long and profitable business relationship.

E-Commerce News eCommerce holiday sales are on a pace to crack US$26 billion this year, an 18 percent leap over last year, according to Jupiter Research.


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