I authorize CardService International to charge my credit card for the amount of $295.00. I understand this is a final non-disputable transaction.


X______________________________________ Signature

_______________________________________ Printed Name

_______________________________________ Credit Card Number

                                           ________/________   Expiration Date


Mailing Information:
Please mail or fax* this authorization slip, the agreement and a voided check to:

TeleCharge Texas - 019
450 N. Sam Houston Park Way, Suite 273
Houston, TX  77060
Attention: TeleCharge Agent Service  Chuck Taylor, Sr. Account Rep.
Fax:  281-445-7257
*The original copy must follow all faxed information.


Chuck Taylor merchant account
Sr. Account Executive
450 N. Sam Houston Parkway   Suite 273
Houston, TX  77060
Phone:  281-445-6941
Fax:  281-445-7257

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