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HTML Words of Wisdom:

The Home Page that was created for the fictitious company Java World, was designed for a 15 inch monitor that displays 640 x 480, with a system that can display at least 256 colors. This is the lowest common denominator most web designers target for.

Home Page can make or break your website. The Home Page sets the mood for your target audience, so that the viewer can get a real feel for you or you're organization.

Finally, when designing supporting pages in your web site, make sure the look and feel is carried through-out your HTML documents. Dark colors or tiled patterns are good backgrounds to use for your Home Pages, but it is wise to select light colors and no tiled patterns for supporting pages, especially if they have a lot of text. Remember, the main purpose of a website is provide information about your products and services to enable a sale. Do you have any comments?

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