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Save 20% on phone & T1 service

T1 Line  1.544M Broadband with IP's
DSL:   192k - 1.0Mb phone & data
ISDN:   64 - 128k / 15 - 25 emails
Metro lines, save up to 40%.

T1 service Broadband Phone & Data Services - T1 Line Complete
( T1 line from $229 with (5) voice lines, burstable to 1.544M. )

Local phone service Local Phone Service Save 20% on (Metro Lines)
( Tired of paying long distance charges in the same area code. )

Business long distance service Business Phone Service, Broadband Provider
( Receive 5000 free long distance minutes per month, 3 year term. )

DSL Business Service 320K - 416K
(Summer Sale)

Save 20% on phone service Long Distance Phone Service
( Toll Free from $0.045 min. )

Information and documentation contact:
Chuck Taylor, Sr. Account Exec. 832-647-5090

Phone service options Phone Options & Features

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Monthly phone service statementsMonthly Invoices

A career in phone & T1 serviceCareer

Your friendly phone service Loyal & dependable! Save 20% on phone & internet service

Birch telecom founded in 1997, has more than 500,000 access lines and last year the company serviced over 100,000 businesses.
Birch telecom demonstrates a firm commitment to provide the very best service in the communication industry today.